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knock the dust off that…

Hello peoples, we’re very proud to re-launch our new ecommerce site and Klothwork blog.  Either wholesale or retail, the updated website allows you to purchase all your favorite hoodies, sweatshirts, and t shirts online.  We are excited to share our streamlined online marketplace and without the expertise of Terry “Kloth” Ferguson of frothy goodness, this would not have been possible.   If we were going to learn another language it sure as hell isn’t going to be HTML.  We invite you stop by the site to check it out!

Also, please keep an eye out for our continuously updated Klothwork blog posts.  It will be nice to have an outlet to share things that interest us as a company and you as a buyer.  We plan on sharing innovative content that revolves around our products and the life behind the Klothwork curtain.  Whether it be the philanthropic projects we are involved in, comparing our products to competitors, artistic expressions, or simply profiling friends in the Klothwork family.  We feel one of our major strengths lie in the community of people we surround ourselves with and this blog is our way of integrating and communicating with that community.

In the end we are a clothing company, but we are a clothing company with really big dreams.  So continue to follow us on our journey as we Knock The Dust of That….Industry!