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Better quality Mens and Womens hoodies cheaper than American Apparel

Klothwork distributes the best quality hoodies even though they aren’t “Made in the USA” like American Apparel.  Most other major manufacturers like Gildan, Hanes, Alternative Apparel or Jerzees do not manufacture in America, but continue to dominate market share globally.  Most of all popular retail hoodies such as Volcom, Element, Hurley also including Urban Outfitters, Tilly’s and Hot Topic are not “Made in the USA”.  That doesn’t directly relate to the quality of the hoodie, be it a pullover hoodie or a zippered hoodie, but does directly relate to the price. We can lay claim to some of the cheapest hoodies in price, while keeping to the highest standards in quality.  Good examples of poor quality are the mens and womens hoodies you would get at Urban Outfitters or Hot Topic.

We carry sweatshirts for all shapes and sizes.  We have Mens, Womens, and Kids Hoodies, ranging in sizes from XS to 3XL to 4XL Hoodies and in some styles 5XL Hoodies. There are also a huge array of colors from the most popular Black to some untraditional colors like Tangerine and Teal.  Being we sell blank sweatshirts, you are able to make your own hoodie or make customized hoodies.  Right now we have in stock cotton sweatshirts, cotton polyester blend hoodies, and soon we will carry Tri-blend sweatshirts as well. Next time we have a sweatshirt sale you can stop by and purchase our cheap zippered or pullover mens and womens hoodies.