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Cheap Big and Tall Hoodies for Men and Women by Klothwork

Klothwork carries 3XL zippered and pullover hooded sweatshirts in many styles, and carries 4XL – 6XL hoodies in some of our more popular styles.  For people looking for cheap big and tall hoodies, without having to go to the typical big and tall stores. IND4000, IND40RP, AFX4000, AFX4000Z, AFX90UNZ, SS4500ZP, and SS3000 are all available in sizes up to 3XL.  EXP40SHZ,EXP50TSZ are available up to 4XL hoodies, and the IND4000Z is available up to 6XL.

The IND4000 has been a staple for many years, and has continued to be a best seller.  Klothwork carries the IND4000 hooded pullover sweatshirt in sizes up to 3XL and carries all 20 colors up to 3XL.  This is a 10 ounce 80% cotton 20% polyester fleece, with a 100% cotton face ideal for screenprinting your own customized hoodies.   The IND40RP is another hooded pullover sweatshirt available up to 3XL.  This raglan sleeved hoodie is both comfortable and stylish available in all but Charcoal/Navy color combinations in the 3XL hoodie.  The AFX 4000 and AFX4000Z are both carried in 3XL in almost all of the 15 colors. Both are the same sweatshirt with one being a hooded pullover sweatshirt and the other being the zippered version, one of our most popular hoodies.  The AFX90UNZ is the perfect all around everyday hoodie that comes in 10 different colors in the 3XL size.  It is a great sweatshirt for designing your own hoodie.  For a great mid weight zippered hooded sweatshirt the SS4500Z is a great option, and is available in 5 colors as a 3XL hooded zip sweatshirt.  If you are looking for pullover crew sweatshirt the SS3000 is available in sizes up to 3XL in all 11 colors.


For everyone looking for 4xl hoodies Klothwork carries 3 styles available in these sizes.  The EXP40SHZ is great for the cold weather being a sherpa lined hoodie, and is available in all colors in all sizes.  The EXP50TSZ is also a sherpa lined hoodie, with the difference being it is made with a super soft thermal material on the outside.  As with the EXP40SHZ it is also available in 3XL in all colors.  The EXP line is comparable with Carhartt hoodies, with the exception of better quality and they are a cheaper hoodie. Lastly, the IND4000Z is available in a 5xl hoodie and a 6xl hoodie, as well as 3xl and 4xl.  This is the original klothwork zippered hoodie, and is classic everyday wear and should be in every persons closet if not on their back.  We make it in sizes so everyone can own one.

Klothwork proudly offers alternatives to the bland wear at most Big and Tall clothing stores.  We are glad to provide Big and Tall hoodies in a wide array of styles and colors to add some options to a staple in every persons closet. Blank sweatshirts and blank hoodies offered in sizes not available at a place like American Apparel.  Klothwork tries to cater to everyone, and the more popular our plus size hoodies become the more styles we will make them available.  All of the apparel listed is unisex, so you can consider these all womens plus sized hoodies as well.