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An ode to the Purple Hoodie by Klothwork

two-tone purple hoodie
two tone purple hoodie

PRM 650 DZ Purple Hoodie

The first of two fashion forward purple hoodies that Klothwork stocks is pictured to the left.  The PRM650DZ is a mid-weigh 7.5 ounce super-soft hoodie constructed of a 60% cotton 35% polyester blend for the ultimate comfort and durability.  In the inside of the pocket there is a holder for a mp3 player with a metal eyelet to run your headphones on the inside of your sweatshirt without worrying about tangling the cord.  Whether you go to the University of Washington or Kansas State, a really big Baltimore Ravens fan, or just want to walk around looking like royalty this is a must have for the closet.  You aren’t going to find this style at American Apparel or anywhere else, and if you did it would probably wouldn’t be this cheap.  If purple isn’t your thing the PRM650DZ comes in five other color combinations: turquoise/white, classic navy/turquoise, charcoal/white, black/silver, or black/red.  The men’s PRM70DZ is the same line as the 650 only fitted for men.

The Perfect Purple Hoodie
the perfect purple hoodie

 AFX 90 UNZ Purple Hoodie

On the right is Klothwork’s other offering for the color of good judgement and peace of mind.  The AFX90UNZ is the classic unisex slim fit zippered hoodie.  It’s a 7 ounce mid to lightweight super soft hoodie available in 12 different colors, with grape  being pictured.  With a 100% cotton face and a 80/20 cotton/polyester blend this sweatshirt is perfect for being printed to make your own customized hoodies.  A very similar looking purple hoodie over at american apparel is only 50/50 cotton polyester and is being sold for $48, wow!  How much are you going to pay for the name? Being unisex, the AFX90UNZ is also available in mens sizes for the guy who wants to make the bold statement of being comfortable in his own manhood. It is common knowledge that everybody believes there should be more purple in the world, here at klothwork we are just trying to do our part and get the purple out.