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Orange Hoodie Sale (Oranje Trui) from now til Queens Day April 30th

25% Discount on orange hoodies for 125 years of Queens

In honor of Queen Beatrix abdicating the throne in favor of her son Prince Willem-Alexander, and the last Queen’s Day of the foreseeable future, all orange hoodies will be 25% off.   Just type in orange hoodie in the coupon section during checkout to receive your discount. Klothwork has the oranjegekte and are practically giving away our orange hoodie to celebrate the 125 years straight of women sitting on the throne of the Netherlands.  I don’t know for sure but that has to be the longest string of matriarchs ruling any one country.  Regardless, something to be celebrated.  For the many uninformed of Dutch holidays, the Queen’s Day is something on par with the fourth of July, well at least the party is.  Instead of red, white, and blue you wear orange, but the party is about the same.  I’m not quite sure if there are fireworks.

Where’s the party? Follow the guy wearing the Orange Hoodie

I wish we had something more to offer than just the one sweatshirt in the color of all the Netherlands, at least the AFX90UNZ is available in both mens and womens.  And it isn’t just the run of the mill orange, it is the very bright Tangerine, sure to stand out even in a room full of orange.  If you are looking to be with your countrymen or women on the 30th click here to help you find a party in your area, though the Dutch are never hard to find.  First of all, they seem to be everywhere, they travel more than any other country it seems.  Every hostel is filled with the Dutch in every country.  Secondly, you guys are hard to miss being on average the tallest people in the world.  And Thirdly, you are always wearing orange.  So if you are lost on Queen’s Day, look for the tall blonde dude wearing an orange hoodie and follow him to the nearest bar and you’ll be speaking dutch in no time.  So hopefully if you are of Dutch descent, live in the US, or just travelling through on koninginnedag 2013 we can help you have the right gear, and help you locate fellow countrymen and women.  I wish Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands the most wonderful of retirements at the young age 75, and I guess next year we will have another sale of orange hoodies celebrating the first Kings Day in 125 years.