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Hoodie Allen Hoodie is Making Waves

Hoodie Allen aka Steven Markowitz is comin up on the hip hop scene.

Hoody Allen. Born Steven Markowitz, Hoodie Allen is another prime example of an upcoming independent hip hop artist.  Born and Hoodie-Allen-Crew-Cuts-hoody-allen-hoodie-allan-zip-hoodie-sweatshirtraised in New York, the 25 year old Hoodie Allen is already on the path to becoming a legendary rap star.  It’s nice to see some raw talent, with legitimate lyrics, quickly building a strong fan base.  Like a ton of bricks, Hoodie Allan is gaining fans just as fast as the newly popular Macklemore and I wouldn’t be surprised if DJ’s around the world started spinning their number one songs back to back, like Thrift Shop and No Interruption.


Personally I’m tired of the same old rappers writing (or lack thereof) about the same old shit.  All hip hop music is today is the same bottle of Cristal, the same big bitch and the dollars and cents.  If you get a chance to download and listen to the lyrics Hoodie Allen flows, I promise you’ll be impressed.   Even his hip hop music videos are well shot and great to watch.  Some of my favorites are “You Are Not a Robot”, “No Faith In Brooklyn (ft. Jahmeel)” and “The Chase Is On”.  What else we found interesting was that Hoodie Allen wasn’t always making his money from just singing and rapping.  Hoodie Allen studied marketing and finance at the University of Pennsylvania where he was just an average dude and part of the very popular fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi.  He graduated and went on to work for Google, specializing in the Adwords department, but soon after, it was his time to shine and he focused 100% of his time towards his passion for writing music.

When I first saw the name Hoodie Allen, I thought it was a play on words and another apparel company came out with a very clever slogan for a new style.  I thought it was genius and kind of jealous that we didn’t come up with the idea, but instead it turned out to be a hip hop artist, and a really good one at that.  My big question is what type of Klothwork hoodie would Hoodie Allen prefer to wear during his next Hoodie Allen Tour?   My guess is he would sport the Unisex French Terry Heather Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt  PRM90HTZ since it has the Mp3 player holder and an eyelet for headphones in the front pocket.  Or maybe during the summertime, he’d be more comfortable wearing one of our best sellers, the SS150JZ, Lightweight Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt made from a super soft Jersey Cotton?

hoodie-allen-klothwork-hoodie-allen-hoodie-sweatshirtEither way, maybe one day Klothwork will get to sponsor Hoodie Allen and let him design his own Hoodie Allen Hoodie!  But until then, grab a listen and enjoy some quality music from a quality artist.