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Tioga Sequoia Brewery- Drink Local

Tioga Sequoia Brewery Story

Tioga Sequoia Brewery
Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company

The Tioga Sequoia Brewing company at heart has a dual mission.  Firstly to brew some of the best beer in the world using using the freshest ingredients produced locally in the Central Valley.  The Central Valley is some of the most fertile land in the world, and is the “bread basket” of California, and a major agriculture center of America.  It is common sense that it would make a great home for a brewery, whose focus is to brew innovative craft beers with fresh ingredients.  With fresh ingredients on hand Tioga Sequoia can create amazing specialty brews, such as the Juaquin Murrieta Chile Pepper Beer using peppers grown miles away from the brewery.  It’s a crazy concept, but better fresher ingredients makes better beer.

Secondly Tioga Sequoia is dedicated to doing their part in preserving the national forests of the area.  Primarily Yosemite, Sierra, Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks and Forests.  They do so by donating $1 out of every case sold to conservationists whose mission is to preserve these national treasures.  They bring awareness to the cause by naming all their beers after local national landmarks like the Half Dome California Wheat and the Mount Whitney Pale Ale.

Tioga Sequoia Beers

Tioga Sequoia’s Tamarack Amber Lager

Tioga Sequoia Tamarack Lager

A full flavored German style Marzen lager, brewed with a blend of Two Row, Vienna and Munich Malts.  This beer has a beautiful Amber color with toasted malt overtones and a smooth clean lager finish. German Tradition hops brings all the flavors together.

Alcohol 5.5% by volume

Tamarack Ridge was the inspiration for this amber lager.  Located between Shaver and Huntington Lakes in the Sierra National Forest, this area is rich with towering groves of Tamarack Pine, snow capped peaks, and lush green meadows.

Tioga Sequoia’s Gen. Sherman IPA

The perfect blend of pale and caramel malts makes the Gen. Sherman a beautiful copper color.  Generous amounts of Northern Brewer, Simco Cascade, and Crystal Hops gives this beer a huge citrus-like aroma and flavor, and a long lingering finish.

Alcohol 7.5% by volume

The General Sherman tree in Sequoia National Park is 274 feet tall, 102 feet in circumference, and is the largest living tree on Earth.  Since it’s discovery in 1897, several have tried to challenge the claim…none have succeeded.  And like it’s namesake, the General Sherman IPA has no equal.

Tioga Sequioa’s Half Dome California Wheat

Half Dome is a zestfully refreshing wheat ale brewed with San Joaquin Valley-grown lemon and orange peel to make a uniquely crafted unfiltered session beer.  A blend of two distinctive wheat ales, along with local fruits and exotic spice, gives our Half Dome the signature of an ideal California Wheat Ale.

Alcohol 5.5% by volume

Half Dome is the most familiar landmark in Yosemite National Park.  Rising nearly 5,000 feet above the valley floor, the crest of this granite dome was first conquered back in 1875.  Today, thousands of hikers reach the summit of Half Dome every year-and their isn’t a better way to celebrate this feat than with a Half Dome Half-Weizen.

Tioga Sequoia’s Peak Pilsner 

Peak Pilsner is a light, dry, golden colored lager brewed with imported Bohemian Pilsner malt, along with Vienna and Munich malts.  A unique blend of European and Domestic hops were used to give this beer a distinctive hop spiciness and a floral aroma.

This refreshing pale lager was created to commemorate  our local Summit “Chinese Peak” and it’s renown use for skiing and snowboarding

Tioga Sequoia’s Mt. Whitney Pale Ale

A classic American Pale Ale that has a blend of Two Row, Caramel, and Munich Malts with a touch of wheat.  A balanced combination of North American hops creates a depth of character and aroma that brings it all together for a stunning flavor and finish.

Alcohol 5.5% by volume

At 14, 505 feet, Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the contiguous United States, and is the south ending point of the infamous John Muir Trail.