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Tioga Sequoia Brewery- Drink Local

Tioga Sequoia Brewery Story

Tioga Sequoia Brewery
Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company

The Tioga Sequoia Brewing company at heart has a dual mission.  Firstly to brew some of the best beer in the world using using the freshest ingredients produced locally in the Central Valley.  The Central Valley is some of the most fertile land in the world, and is the “bread basket” of California, and a major agriculture center of America.  It is common sense that it would make a great home for a brewery, whose focus is to brew innovative craft beers with fresh ingredients.  With fresh ingredients on hand Tioga Sequoia can create amazing specialty brews, such as the Juaquin Murrieta Chile Pepper Beer using peppers grown miles away from the brewery.  It’s a crazy concept, but better fresher ingredients makes better beer.

Secondly Tioga Sequoia is dedicated to doing their part in preserving the national forests of the area.  Primarily Yosemite, Sierra, Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks and Forests.  They do so by donating $1 out of every case sold to conservationists whose mission is to preserve these national treasures.  They bring awareness to the cause by naming all their beers after local national landmarks like the Half Dome California Wheat and the Mount Whitney Pale Ale.

Tioga Sequoia Beers

Tioga Sequoia’s Tamarack Amber Lager

Tioga Sequoia Tamarack Lager

A full flavored German style Marzen lager, brewed with a blend of Two Row, Vienna and Munich Malts.  This beer has a beautiful Amber color with toasted malt overtones and a smooth clean lager finish. German Tradition hops brings all the flavors together.

Alcohol 5.5% by volume

Tamarack Ridge was the inspiration for this amber lager.  Located between Shaver and Huntington Lakes in the Sierra National Forest, this area is rich with towering groves of Tamarack Pine, snow capped peaks, and lush green meadows.

Tioga Sequoia’s Gen. Sherman IPA

The perfect blend of pale and caramel malts makes the Gen. Sherman a beautiful copper color.  Generous amounts of Northern Brewer, Simco Cascade, and Crystal Hops gives this beer a huge citrus-like aroma and flavor, and a long lingering finish.

Alcohol 7.5% by volume

The General Sherman tree in Sequoia National Park is 274 feet tall, 102 feet in circumference, and is the largest living tree on Earth.  Since it’s discovery in 1897, several have tried to challenge the claim…none have succeeded.  And like it’s namesake, the General Sherman IPA has no equal.

Tioga Sequioa’s Half Dome California Wheat

Half Dome is a zestfully refreshing wheat ale brewed with San Joaquin Valley-grown lemon and orange peel to make a uniquely crafted unfiltered session beer.  A blend of two distinctive wheat ales, along with local fruits and exotic spice, gives our Half Dome the signature of an ideal California Wheat Ale.

Alcohol 5.5% by volume

Half Dome is the most familiar landmark in Yosemite National Park.  Rising nearly 5,000 feet above the valley floor, the crest of this granite dome was first conquered back in 1875.  Today, thousands of hikers reach the summit of Half Dome every year-and their isn’t a better way to celebrate this feat than with a Half Dome Half-Weizen.

Tioga Sequoia’s Peak Pilsner 

Peak Pilsner is a light, dry, golden colored lager brewed with imported Bohemian Pilsner malt, along with Vienna and Munich malts.  A unique blend of European and Domestic hops were used to give this beer a distinctive hop spiciness and a floral aroma.

This refreshing pale lager was created to commemorate  our local Summit “Chinese Peak” and it’s renown use for skiing and snowboarding

Tioga Sequoia’s Mt. Whitney Pale Ale

A classic American Pale Ale that has a blend of Two Row, Caramel, and Munich Malts with a touch of wheat.  A balanced combination of North American hops creates a depth of character and aroma that brings it all together for a stunning flavor and finish.

Alcohol 5.5% by volume

At 14, 505 feet, Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the contiguous United States, and is the south ending point of the infamous John Muir Trail.

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Lightweight Zip Hoodie Sweatshirts for Spring and Summer

Lightweight zip hoodie sweatshirts and lightweight pullover hoodies keep you cool during the Spring and Summer nights.

Lightweight zip hoodie sweatshirts are the way to go this Spring and Summer and Klothwork has a wide variety of  men’s lightweight zip hoodie sweatshirts, women’s  lightweight zip hoodie sweatshirts and kids lightweight zip hoodie sweatshirts.  Our most popular of our trendy hoodies is the men’s SS150JZ, Men’s Lightweight Zip Hoodie Jersey sweatshirt.  For hooded sweatshirts this summer you want something thin, comfortable but still give you enough coverage when that sun goes down.  Klothworks SS150JZ is made with a super soft lightweight Jersey blend, constructed with a #5 coil kissing zipper, 1×1 ribbing at the cuffs and waistband, sewn eyelets and a flat draw cord.  What we love most is the weight.  Coming in at 4.5 ounces and made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester, this lightweight zip hoodie is the champion of the world!  Some other highlights include split stitch double needle sewing, a front pouch pocket and a twill neck tape.  One of the reasons this lightweight zip hoodie sweatshirt is number one on the World’s Best Hooded Sweatshirts list is because it’s made with 30 singles yarn.  Another popular lightweight sweatshirt in Klothworks long list of award winning hoodies is the SS150JZ’s brother, the SS150J.  The SS150J is the Men’s lightweight pullover hooded sweatshirt.  Instead of having a lightweight zip hoodie, you can go with the alternative of the lightweight pullover hoodie.  These are identical in construction and are great for screen printing.  Both the lightweight zip hoodie and the lightweight pullover hoodie come in an array of colors such as Grey Heather, Navy Heather, Charcoal Heather and Black.  If you’re looking for a more stylish lightweight zip hoodie with some two-tone colors and Raglan sleeves you can purchase our popular SS150RJZ.mens-lightweight-raglan-jersey-zip-hoodie-sweatshirt-gunmetal-heather-classic-navy-heather-lightweight-zip-hoodie

How do I know which lightweight zip hoodie sweatshirt to buy since there are so many trendy hoodies online?mens-lightweight-zip-hoodie-lightweight-jersey-zip-hoodie-sweatshirt-classic-navy-heather

The question remains as many search the internet for the best made and cheapest lightweight zip hoodie.  You can go to brands like Nordstrom’s but they sell VERY similar hoodies for almost double or triple the price of ours here at Klothwork.  Their prices range anywhere from $40-$120 for one hoodie.  That is a little absurd considering our lightweight zip hoodies range from $20-$26.00.  Americal Apparel has their similar jersey zip hoodie for $42, that’s more than double our prices and we can assure that our quality out measures them by far.  You’ll find this across the internet as you shop for hoodies online.  Some other expensive or cheaply made brands like Old Navy, Jiffy Shirts and Macy’s may have comparable prices but those hooded sweatshirts won’t even last you one season without falling apart.  So when shopping for a lightweight zip hoodie online keep these key facts in mind:

  • Affordable Price between $20-$30
  • Durable construction
  • Quality materials
  • Great shipping deals

Order at Klothwork now and receive Free Shipping on hoodie orders of $75 or more, anywhere in the United States!

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Mark Lennon on the Voice Left Many Upset

Mark Lennon, perhaps one of the best singers on this planet, turned down by “The Voice” on NBC.

Mark Lennon, my uncle, my friend and mentor to many, appeared on NBC’s “The Voice” last Tuesday night hoping to impress the judges and perhaps start a new chapter to his “already hugely successful” singing career.  It was a much anticipated episode as Venice friends and family from around the world glued themselves in front of their TV’s, every Monday and Tuesday night for the last three weeks, awaiting the National debut of Mark Lennon on The Voice Auditions episode 6.mark-lennon-the-voice-venice-the-band

If you’re reading this, you probably already know the outcome of the episode and odds are you’re pretty confused and/or upset about the decision made by the judges.  If you haven’t seen it, you can click (here) to view the clip from Tuesday’s show.

And the question asked by so many….”Why didn’t the judges turn around?”  In my opinion, the producers looked at Mark Lennon and said, “This guy is too happy, comes from a great family, has a shitload of fans and is already super successful…what drama and ratings does that bring to our show?”  You’re right….none.   It had nothing to do with his voice.  We all know the guys vocal chords were hand delivered from an angel.  Not to say the other contestants weren’t great singers but you’ll notice that majority of the ones that got picked had dramatic back stories involving loss, death or economic hardship and nothing left in their lives but the capability to cry on a dime and the dream to make it big.  And honestly, do you think the judges wanted a guy on the show that could probably sing their own songs better than they ever could…?  I doubt it!   It’s not about talent, it’s about ratings, demographics and the puppeteers that run the networks.

What us grounded people have to remember is that fame (especially the “reality” celebrity life) can be a very evil path to follow and some souls just weren’t meant to wear those shoes.  Countless argue that the Band Venice never “really” made it big and that their songs rarely got played on the radio.  But coming from a younger cousin/nephew of the band and growing up in the Lennon family, I can’t tell you how famous and lucky these guys actually are.  I’m incredibly privileged to tell people I’m part of the Lennon family and  related to “the” Mark Lennon and the band Venice.  There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t run into someone that knows somebody that knows  Marky, Kippy, Michael or Pat or the band Venice and how their music positively impacted their lives.   That my friends is true fame.   And so what if millions of people from the Midwest don’t get to see Mark Lennon on The Voice every week.  Can you tell me who won the Voice the last two seasons?  I sure as hell don’t know.  I can honestly say that I’d rather have 10,000 fans that buy my entire album and know EVERY single song by heart than 10,000,000 fans that download one of my songs and listen to it for a month.  There are famous bands and then there are legendary bands, and I think we all know where Venice falls.

After the show aired, my initial anger and hatred towards The Voice and its producers was diluted when I started to read all of the immediate feedback on the internet from Marks friends and family.  Some of the best words came from Mark’s cousin and Venice Band member Kipp Lennon and you can read that (here).  It made me realize even more that my uncle Marky had already surpassed a level of success that most could only dream of.   Instead of gaining random fans from a “reality” show, he was brought closer to the thousands around the globe that already love and respect him as an artist and friend.  Mark Lennon doesn’t need “reality” judges to tell him that he’s amazing because pure artists like Mark Lennon don’t need to be judged.the-voice-nbc-marky-lennon-mark-lennon-the-voice-mark-lennon-episode

So I leave with thanking NBC and The Voice for allowing Mark Lennon the 90 seconds to spread his vocals across the world to millions.  I also would like thank the judges, Adam, Blake, Shakira and Usher for releasing him from the shackles of reality television.

I’ve said my peace and could blog on for days but I’ll leave you with one of my favorites,  a Mark Lennon display of what  a “Voice” is supposed to sound like.   Click (here) and you be the judge.

Also there are still tickets for the Jackson Brown, Gary Wright and Venice For The Arts Benfit Concert at Santa Monica High School, Barnum Hall on May 18th, get tickets (here), you won’t want to miss this show!


The Other Pat Lennon, nephew of Mark Lennon

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China Wholesale Clothing for Cheap Hoodies and T Shirts

China wholesale hoodies and cheap apparel online.  Is it the right decision for wholesale distributors to sell clothing that isn’t American Made?china-wholesale-clothing-cheap-wholesale-hoodies-wholesale-clothing wholesale-fashion-wholesale-china-apparel-best-hoodie

China Wholesale – If you’re looking into becoming a distributor here in the US for wholesale hooded sweatshirts, wholesale tshirts or any type of wholesale fashion, and want the best profit margins, some think China wholesale apparel is the way to go.  And when I say cheap wholesale apparel or cheap hooded sweatshirts, I don’t mean the quality, I’m talking about  the price.   A prime example of an affordable hoodie made in China but still has the unbeatable quality and softness is the AFX4000Z.  Made with 100% cotton and 40 singles face yarn this popular hoodie is perfect for screen printing.  A lot of other wholesale distributors like American Apparel run their operations here in the US and live by the “Made in America” slogan, but others find that the cost is just way too high to support a profitable wholesale business.  I’d have to say that besides their incredible marketing tactics and US brand, American Apparel clothes are cheaply made, don’t last and are way over priced.  Almost all distributors that sell here in the US distribute for major brands that are manufactured in China wholesale factories, names like Jiffy Shirts, Shirt Champ, RG Riley, and Blank Apparel, just to name a few.

Starting a new apparel distribution company isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap.  But most new wholesale suppliers that plan to distribute blank hoodies, blank sweatshirts and blank t-shirts in the US argue that if they go with China wholesale clothing manufacturers, they cut their production costs by at least 50% .  With that money saved, they now have capital to put towards the phase 1 building of their business.  Eventually the additional money saved on manufacturing wholesale clothing in China can be put towards hiring employees to increase sales, marketing and distribution.  Yes their production dollars went to China but without that possibility of affordable manufacturing, the channels of distribution would not have been created.

At Klothwork, our wholesale provider and affiliates hold their factories to the utmost environmental and ethical standards possible.  The warehouses are inspected consistently and are WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production) and strictly abide by the following industry standards:

  • Prohibition of Forced Labor
  • Environment
  • Hours of Work
  • Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining
  • Compliance with Laws & Workplace Regulations
  • Health and Safety
  • Prohibition of Child Labor
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Customs Compliance
  • Security
  • Prohibition of Discrimination
  • Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse

Whether you decide to go with China wholesale or American made, Klothwork salutes you for the courage and willingness it takes to start a business.

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American Giant and American Manufacturing

American Giant, a sustainable business model?


American Giant is an apparel company based out of San Francisco, specializing in making hoodies.  They have an interesting business model that was outlined in the popular magazine style blog site Slate.  The blog author Farhad Manjoo, wrote a very positive review (read here) of the company’s process, as well as the garments being produced.  The result was an overwhelmed American Giant, that left them being out of stock for…well between when the article was written in December til now, through the foreseeable future.  Manjoo hyped the company so much, even titling his article “The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made”, that the failure of American Giant to maintain stock forced a follow up story (read here) explaining how the overnight notoriety almost killed the company.  There are definitely aspects of American Giant’s business model that I like, and aspects that makes me wonder if it can stand against the only test that matters, time.  American Giant is a microcosm of a much larger question;  is it feasible to manufacture in the US right now?


American Giant is made in the USA
American Giant is made in the USA

American Giant Attributes


  • Internet Based Sales  – They do not use distributors, retailers, nor do they have a brick and mortar store.  This is the day and age we live in.  American Giant has every opportunity to be full successful selling their garments direct to the customer in this manner.  With social marketing and/or a very well placed article hyping the company, there is no reason  not to be able to reach the same amount of end customers, as the traditional model with multiple middle men.   From raw cotton to a completed garment the textile can go through as many as 8 sets of hands, with a markup at each stop. 
  • A Quality Product, Made in the USA –  I think the days of the cheap easily broken, easily replaced products is coming to an end.  The United States is cycling back to a “built to last” mentality.  American manufacturing is, as it always has been, a synonym of quality workmanship in the eyes of Americans.  There is a sense of pride in driving, wearing, having, owning, etc… “American Made”.  American Giant evokes this with high design, quality textiles, and skilled workmanship. All things Americans don’t mind paying a premium for.


American Giant Obstacles


  • Higher price of doing business – Labor prices, equipment, storage, shipping are all more expensive operating in the United States without distribution.  In the end, they make up for it with reaping more of the profit, but increases the rate of default as a start up.  As it was stated in Manjoo’s article
  • Slow – “The bottom line, for us, is that this wasn’t about the failure of the supply chain,” Winthrop says, “It was about planning. And if we plan correctly from now on, we should never be in that situation again.”  Bottom line is the whole manufacturing process is slow.  From Manjoo’s article “American Giant’s pipeline—the time it takes from ordering raw material to getting a bunch of sweatshirts—is about 3 1/2 months long.”  A long time to have assets tied up for future sales, and a whole lot of speculation and risk come into play.
  • Limited Selection – There isn’t a lot of variety to the line.  Not a lot of color, style, or size options. Not everyone is going to want that weight of cotton, or a fitted cut, or those colors. Or the industry may trend away from all of it, or hoodies all together.  Though I doubt the last.  Variety helps protect against those things.

Klothwork will be rooting for American Giant’s success


American Giant has a path to success, it’s not straight and it’s fraught with danger, but they can see sunlight.  They have doubled down their investment in order to meet current demand.  For them keep that demand or increase it, American Giant will need to stay current.  The article that spring boarded them to relevancy will not keep them there.  With them increasing production and adding new lines, they will need to ensure the quality that dubbed their product “The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made”.  Higher up front costs of American manufacturing gives American Giant a smaller margin for error, and a timer to reach success.  I suppose we will have to wait and see if we will be talking about American Giant as an American Manufacturing success, or if the American process is too expensive and slow.  Klothwork hopes to be wearing our American Giant hoodies as soon as they aren’t back ordered.

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Hoodie Allen Hoodie is Making Waves

Hoodie Allen aka Steven Markowitz is comin up on the hip hop scene.

Hoody Allen. Born Steven Markowitz, Hoodie Allen is another prime example of an upcoming independent hip hop artist.  Born and Hoodie-Allen-Crew-Cuts-hoody-allen-hoodie-allan-zip-hoodie-sweatshirtraised in New York, the 25 year old Hoodie Allen is already on the path to becoming a legendary rap star.  It’s nice to see some raw talent, with legitimate lyrics, quickly building a strong fan base.  Like a ton of bricks, Hoodie Allan is gaining fans just as fast as the newly popular Macklemore and I wouldn’t be surprised if DJ’s around the world started spinning their number one songs back to back, like Thrift Shop and No Interruption.


Personally I’m tired of the same old rappers writing (or lack thereof) about the same old shit.  All hip hop music is today is the same bottle of Cristal, the same big bitch and the dollars and cents.  If you get a chance to download and listen to the lyrics Hoodie Allen flows, I promise you’ll be impressed.   Even his hip hop music videos are well shot and great to watch.  Some of my favorites are “You Are Not a Robot”, “No Faith In Brooklyn (ft. Jahmeel)” and “The Chase Is On”.  What else we found interesting was that Hoodie Allen wasn’t always making his money from just singing and rapping.  Hoodie Allen studied marketing and finance at the University of Pennsylvania where he was just an average dude and part of the very popular fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi.  He graduated and went on to work for Google, specializing in the Adwords department, but soon after, it was his time to shine and he focused 100% of his time towards his passion for writing music.

When I first saw the name Hoodie Allen, I thought it was a play on words and another apparel company came out with a very clever slogan for a new style.  I thought it was genius and kind of jealous that we didn’t come up with the idea, but instead it turned out to be a hip hop artist, and a really good one at that.  My big question is what type of Klothwork hoodie would Hoodie Allen prefer to wear during his next Hoodie Allen Tour?   My guess is he would sport the Unisex French Terry Heather Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt  PRM90HTZ since it has the Mp3 player holder and an eyelet for headphones in the front pocket.  Or maybe during the summertime, he’d be more comfortable wearing one of our best sellers, the SS150JZ, Lightweight Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt made from a super soft Jersey Cotton?

hoodie-allen-klothwork-hoodie-allen-hoodie-sweatshirtEither way, maybe one day Klothwork will get to sponsor Hoodie Allen and let him design his own Hoodie Allen Hoodie!  But until then, grab a listen and enjoy some quality music from a quality artist.

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Orange Hoodie Sale (Oranje Trui) from now til Queens Day April 30th

25% Discount on orange hoodies for 125 years of Queens

In honor of Queen Beatrix abdicating the throne in favor of her son Prince Willem-Alexander, and the last Queen’s Day of the foreseeable future, all orange hoodies will be 25% off.   Just type in orange hoodie in the coupon section during checkout to receive your discount. Klothwork has the oranjegekte and are practically giving away our orange hoodie to celebrate the 125 years straight of women sitting on the throne of the Netherlands.  I don’t know for sure but that has to be the longest string of matriarchs ruling any one country.  Regardless, something to be celebrated.  For the many uninformed of Dutch holidays, the Queen’s Day is something on par with the fourth of July, well at least the party is.  Instead of red, white, and blue you wear orange, but the party is about the same.  I’m not quite sure if there are fireworks.

Where’s the party? Follow the guy wearing the Orange Hoodie

I wish we had something more to offer than just the one sweatshirt in the color of all the Netherlands, at least the AFX90UNZ is available in both mens and womens.  And it isn’t just the run of the mill orange, it is the very bright Tangerine, sure to stand out even in a room full of orange.  If you are looking to be with your countrymen or women on the 30th click here to help you find a party in your area, though the Dutch are never hard to find.  First of all, they seem to be everywhere, they travel more than any other country it seems.  Every hostel is filled with the Dutch in every country.  Secondly, you guys are hard to miss being on average the tallest people in the world.  And Thirdly, you are always wearing orange.  So if you are lost on Queen’s Day, look for the tall blonde dude wearing an orange hoodie and follow him to the nearest bar and you’ll be speaking dutch in no time.  So hopefully if you are of Dutch descent, live in the US, or just travelling through on koninginnedag 2013 we can help you have the right gear, and help you locate fellow countrymen and women.  I wish Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands the most wonderful of retirements at the young age 75, and I guess next year we will have another sale of orange hoodies celebrating the first Kings Day in 125 years.




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Green Hoodie is the choice for Patrick on St. Patrick’s Day 2013

Green Hoodie for St. Patrick’s Day st-patrick-day-mens-mid-weight-zip-hoodie-sweatshirt-kelly-green-hoodie

When is St. Patrick’s Day 2013?  Well it’s coming up soon, March 17, 2013.  Every year people rush out to get their best St. Patrick’s Day Shirts so they look the best at their local St. Patrick’s Day Parade or St Patty’s Day party.  When taking your St. Patrick Day pictures this year, you want to make sure you have the best green hoodie, green shirt,  or leprechaun costume right?

As luck of the Irish would have it, Klothwork has 20 different mens and womens green hoodies and sweatshirts.  Some of the most popular styles we sell are the SS4500Z Kelly Green hoodie, the unisex AFX90UNZ Lime Green Hoodie, the IND4000 Dark Green Hoodie Pullover Sweatshirt.  We have a huge variety of green hoodie pullover or zip sweatshirts, ranging from dark green to kelly green to army green.  You may want to stick with us and our prices because the similar American Apparel green hoodie is an astounding $42.00 which is completely overpriced and poor quality.  If you get a little too warm and want something light, pick up our IND1200T, mens jersey blend poly/cotton short sleeve t shirt in army heather.

st-patricks-day-mens-pullover-hoodie-sweatshirt-dark-green-hoodiePeople often ask, What is St Patrick Day and why has it caught on to be such a fun filled day of wearing green and pinching booties?   I found that people really don’t care what the meaning is and they just want to see hot girls dressed up in sexy St. Patricks Day green outfits and drink green beer.  If you’re looking for fun things to do, check out some of the St. Patricks Day  event websites, they always have great Irish music playing while you browse.  If you’re a history guru, you can always check out the St. Patrick Day pictures and information on sites like Wikipedia.  Or if you just want to find the cheapest green hoodie or cheapest green sweatshirt, look no further cause Klothwork is keeping it green and keeping it affordable!  Have a safe St Patrick’s day, stay Green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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An ode to the Purple Hoodie by Klothwork

two-tone purple hoodie
two tone purple hoodie

PRM 650 DZ Purple Hoodie

The first of two fashion forward purple hoodies that Klothwork stocks is pictured to the left.  The PRM650DZ is a mid-weigh 7.5 ounce super-soft hoodie constructed of a 60% cotton 35% polyester blend for the ultimate comfort and durability.  In the inside of the pocket there is a holder for a mp3 player with a metal eyelet to run your headphones on the inside of your sweatshirt without worrying about tangling the cord.  Whether you go to the University of Washington or Kansas State, a really big Baltimore Ravens fan, or just want to walk around looking like royalty this is a must have for the closet.  You aren’t going to find this style at American Apparel or anywhere else, and if you did it would probably wouldn’t be this cheap.  If purple isn’t your thing the PRM650DZ comes in five other color combinations: turquoise/white, classic navy/turquoise, charcoal/white, black/silver, or black/red.  The men’s PRM70DZ is the same line as the 650 only fitted for men.

The Perfect Purple Hoodie
the perfect purple hoodie

 AFX 90 UNZ Purple Hoodie

On the right is Klothwork’s other offering for the color of good judgement and peace of mind.  The AFX90UNZ is the classic unisex slim fit zippered hoodie.  It’s a 7 ounce mid to lightweight super soft hoodie available in 12 different colors, with grape  being pictured.  With a 100% cotton face and a 80/20 cotton/polyester blend this sweatshirt is perfect for being printed to make your own customized hoodies.  A very similar looking purple hoodie over at american apparel is only 50/50 cotton polyester and is being sold for $48, wow!  How much are you going to pay for the name? Being unisex, the AFX90UNZ is also available in mens sizes for the guy who wants to make the bold statement of being comfortable in his own manhood. It is common knowledge that everybody believes there should be more purple in the world, here at klothwork we are just trying to do our part and get the purple out.

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Cheap Big and Tall Hoodies for Men and Women by Klothwork

Klothwork carries 3XL zippered and pullover hooded sweatshirts in many styles, and carries 4XL – 6XL hoodies in some of our more popular styles.  For people looking for cheap big and tall hoodies, without having to go to the typical big and tall stores. IND4000, IND40RP, AFX4000, AFX4000Z, AFX90UNZ, SS4500ZP, and SS3000 are all available in sizes up to 3XL.  EXP40SHZ,EXP50TSZ are available up to 4XL hoodies, and the IND4000Z is available up to 6XL.

The IND4000 has been a staple for many years, and has continued to be a best seller.  Klothwork carries the IND4000 hooded pullover sweatshirt in sizes up to 3XL and carries all 20 colors up to 3XL.  This is a 10 ounce 80% cotton 20% polyester fleece, with a 100% cotton face ideal for screenprinting your own customized hoodies.   The IND40RP is another hooded pullover sweatshirt available up to 3XL.  This raglan sleeved hoodie is both comfortable and stylish available in all but Charcoal/Navy color combinations in the 3XL hoodie.  The AFX 4000 and AFX4000Z are both carried in 3XL in almost all of the 15 colors. Both are the same sweatshirt with one being a hooded pullover sweatshirt and the other being the zippered version, one of our most popular hoodies.  The AFX90UNZ is the perfect all around everyday hoodie that comes in 10 different colors in the 3XL size.  It is a great sweatshirt for designing your own hoodie.  For a great mid weight zippered hooded sweatshirt the SS4500Z is a great option, and is available in 5 colors as a 3XL hooded zip sweatshirt.  If you are looking for pullover crew sweatshirt the SS3000 is available in sizes up to 3XL in all 11 colors.


For everyone looking for 4xl hoodies Klothwork carries 3 styles available in these sizes.  The EXP40SHZ is great for the cold weather being a sherpa lined hoodie, and is available in all colors in all sizes.  The EXP50TSZ is also a sherpa lined hoodie, with the difference being it is made with a super soft thermal material on the outside.  As with the EXP40SHZ it is also available in 3XL in all colors.  The EXP line is comparable with Carhartt hoodies, with the exception of better quality and they are a cheaper hoodie. Lastly, the IND4000Z is available in a 5xl hoodie and a 6xl hoodie, as well as 3xl and 4xl.  This is the original klothwork zippered hoodie, and is classic everyday wear and should be in every persons closet if not on their back.  We make it in sizes so everyone can own one.

Klothwork proudly offers alternatives to the bland wear at most Big and Tall clothing stores.  We are glad to provide Big and Tall hoodies in a wide array of styles and colors to add some options to a staple in every persons closet. Blank sweatshirts and blank hoodies offered in sizes not available at a place like American Apparel.  Klothwork tries to cater to everyone, and the more popular our plus size hoodies become the more styles we will make them available.  All of the apparel listed is unisex, so you can consider these all womens plus sized hoodies as well.